Make Up Tips: The Importance of using a Good Foundation

makeup tips for womenMost women like to wear makeup. Whether with a very natural makeup or a more marked makeup, the principles and the rules remain the same. You have to choose your colors, try not to exaggerate and sometimes you have to innovate.

Prepare your skin

Before turning to makeup, do not forget the essential steps of your beauty ritual to keep a beautiful skin. Never start makeup until you have thoroughly cleansed your skin. Thus, remember to regularly exfoliate your skin: It will be smoother, and your skin purified. The moisturizer should also be your ally since your skin needs a good daily hydration to protect it from external aggressions, to make it softer and more flexible, and to prevent skin aging.

The foundation, a basic and determining step for a good makeup

The foundation is the base of a successful makeup. As a first step, choose a shade that is as close as possible to your natural skin color. Prefer pink tones in winter, and golden tones for summer.

In addition, depending on the material of your foundation, you will need different makeup tools. For a smooth foundation, you can opt for a makeup sponge, or apply the product with your fingers, after warming it in the palm of your hand. Do not forget to fade with a brush after application. For a powder foundation, use a large, soft brush. Take a bit of material and apply with very light circular movements, without bending the bristles of the brush. Whatever the material of your product, always start with the center of the face, going outward.

Some tips for a successful makeup

Apply a moisturizer before putting on makeup

Before putting on your foundation or your powders, it is very important to put a nourishing base on your skin. In addition to nourishing your skin, the moisturizing cream will slide your foundation on your skin and make your makeup look less dry.

Apply a makeup base

Once you have put on your daytime moisturizer, you can apply what is called a makeup base. This base is actually a product that is used to prepare the skin for makeup. It will also help to better keep your foundation.

Enhance your cheeks

Do not hesitate to put a little blush to enhance your beautiful cheekbones. The small pink cheeks give a fresh and young complexion, but be careful not to put too much and not to choose a color too dark! Everything must look natural. You will often have the choice between a pink or peach color. When applying your blush, smile as much as possible to bring out your cheeks and follow the outer bone of your cheeks with your brush.

Brighten your eyes

The light around the eye is always very pretty. To brighten your eyes, you can choose glittery eye shadows. Also, you can apply under the line of your eyebrow a little pale eye shadow (silver or scintillating) and even apply tiny touch in the lower corner of your eye. Whether above or below, the bright shades will certainly illuminate your eyes.

Make yourself a “smokey eye”

The smokey eye is a piercing look with a much accentuated makeup, dark and shiny. For your evening or night outings, this kind of makeup will be very sexy and glamorous. To do this, you just need to apply one or more dark colors of eye shadow. You emphasize your eyes with black eyeliner above, and black pencil underneath. You put black mascara or false eyelashes and you are done!

Emphasize your lips

To have beautiful lips, you can choose a lipstick stick or lipstick cream (the famous gloss). It is obvious that nowadays, the luscious and shiny lips are very trendy. If you choose a lipstick stick, you can still apply over a transparent gloss. Also, do not forget the lip pencil. To enlarge your lips, you can trace your line slightly outside your lips. Always choose a pencil with the same shade as your lipstick or a very dark shade.

Camouflage smooth imperfections

The imperfections of the skin are dark circles, wrinkles, pimples and pigment spots. To hide these elements, you can simply use ring-border. You apply it everywhere there are imperfections and then you put your usual foundation.

Take advantage of pro makeup tips

Finally, for a successful makeup, do not hesitate to ask for advice or to watch beauty videos and capsules on the theme of makeup on the Internet. YouTube offers several beauty and makeup channels.

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