Myths About Gray Hair that You Should Know

if you decide to wear a gray hair, it is important to protect it from the sun

Although the grey hair associated with aging can appear in young adults; and if you do not want grey hair make you look older, take note of these tricks and remedies to disguise white hair.

There are certain myths about the appearance of gray hair and its elimination that should be clarified, so as not to make mistakes when hiding them:

If I start the gray hair do more?

This myth is not true, what happens is that in the area where a cane appears there is a reduction in melanin, so it is very likely that they will come out more around the first one. The problem of removing the gray hair is that the hair follicle is damaged and this can cause no more hair to come out in that area.

Is it more comfortable not to cover the gray hair because it does not require care?

It is true that you will avoid the need to dye your hair regularly, but the grayish color may turn yellowish if you do not take care of it properly. Therefore, if you decide to wear a gray hair, it is important to protect it from the sun and use a special shampoo for gray hair.

If I have gray hair, will not my hair fall out?

It is not true that the hair is stronger than the hair with color, because the hair follicle is the same and, therefore, it can fall the same. What happens is that gray hair usually appears first on the sides and on the nape of the neck, areas where hair loss is later.

Will the continued use of gray hair dye spoil my hair?

Cosmetics evolve every day, so we have many options that allow us to cover gray hair without damaging hair or scalp, provided that we take care of it correctly and use the product well. You can find from shampoos without ammonia, to dyes with a complete treatment, which protect the hair and lengthen the duration of the product.

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