Scents for the Home: A Practical Guide to Indoor Fragrances

The perfume is an olfactory signature that reveals the emotions, character and personality of its user. Gone are the days of chemicals! To protect our planet while improving our daily home comfort, it is henceforth possible, to naturally perfume our interior, for a simple and original freshness effect. Here is a guide to perfume your home without any stress.

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A Practical guide for indoors perfuming

For the entrance of the house, you can choose a more tonic scent that will immediately give a first impression. The scent chosen for the living room will have to be more refined, to set the mood of an intimate and warm space. In the bedrooms, more soothing scents would be suitable. And for the kitchen, keep a greedy atmosphere with more fruity scents.

Essential oils

Essential oils are very natural ways to perfume your homes. They are extracted from plants by steam distillation. It is a fragrant volatile substance, healthy and natural. It can originate from a flower, a fruit, bark, seed or even the roots of plants. There are various ways to use them to perfume your home


After diluting the essential oil into water, warm up a few drops in the upper part of a scent burner for about an hour, to keep a good smell for the day. This is the best method to scent large areas.


Apply some essential oils on a piece of wood furniture. Choose a part of the furniture that is not visible to avoid any stain. The smell will stay for a long time.


Wipe the chandeliers and light bulbs with a cloth soaked in essential oil, when the bulbs heat up, the scent will diffuse slowly.

Vacuum cleaner

A few drops of essential oil poured on the filter of the vacuum cleaner will be effectively diffused when the pleasantly scented air will be rejected.


You can also think about putting a few drops of essential oil in the water saturators of your radiators. Throughout the winter you will have a sweet scent that will be spread regularly in each of your rooms.


The electric diffuser transforms the essential oil into a fine mist and diffuses it evenly throughout the room.

The Scented candles

The scented candles are among the classics when it comes to the perfumes of atmosphere. They are not expensive, and are very pretty and effective to create a warm and intimate mood in a room. As long as you choose 100% natural and vegetal candles to avoid the synthetic scents which can cause headaches.

In addition to spreading a sweet and pleasant scent, the candle helps to create a subdued and romantic atmosphere. Why not embark on a home-made candle? It is easy and much more fun than buying scented candles ready to create a warm atmosphere. The candle has the power both the ability to perfume, as that of absorbing unpleasant odors. The scented candle can also contribute to set the mood within your home, so it will be important, to choose well its shape, its color and especially the scent it will spread. The homemade scented candles are easy to make. All you have to do is to have a mold of glass or earthenware, to choose your perfume, to get the combustion wick. This should preferably be in 100% cotton.


Frankincense is an aromatic resin gum extracted from trees of the Boswellia Type. When burning the incense diffuse a smelling and aromatizing smoke. The 100% natural incense has, in addition to its perfuming properties, soothing qualities. Its fragrant volutes are conducive to relaxation and relaxation. It is also possible to use natural incense cones, made from wood powder, it burns quickly and without dust and the odor diffused during the burning of the incense is very fragrant.

Now, you get the general information you need to improve your daily home comfort thanks to indoor fragrance. So, now is the right moment to enjoy your days and feel happiness with natural perfumes for your home. If you have other tips or advises, do not hesitate to share them with us by commenting this article.

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