Tips for a Good Body Pump Session

The classes of body pump last about 60 minutes and its structure are quite simple, although that does not mean that your work and the effort required is insignificant.

Les Mills, the creators of this sports activity, launch a new routine every three months, although always based on a session with ten different parts in which various muscle groups work in the company of the rhymes music.

The fact that the body pump classes follow an identical structure composed of ten elements that changed every three months means that the people who practice it can use it to measure their progress during that quarter. And see how they have evolved, which has been their weight loss or volume, and how they have developed during those weeks.

The first part of the class, also known by the English word track, is, as in any other physical activity, a kind of warm-up with which it is intended to prepare the whole body for later work.

Then, each of the parties will focus on a muscle group, adapting exercises from the bodybuilding area. Although it may vary a bit, normally the sequence is as follows: legs and buttocks, pectorals, back and buttocks, triceps (arms), biceps (arms), legs, shoulders and abs.

Just as you started with a warm-up track, the body pump ends with a part of stretching and relaxation. The tenth track, which lasts between five and ten minutes, is indicated to relax all the muscles after exercise and avoid, in this way, injuries.

Body pump classes are widespread in gyms around the world, so it is relatively easy to find a center to practice it, and normally the activity is included in the monthly or annual payment of any sports center.

To appreciate the results is recommended to go to body pump classes twice a week and, once a suitable routine has established, and sufficient physical background has achieved, increase to three weekly sessions. If the main objective is to lose weight and burn fat, this exercise should be combined with a properly aerobic one, such as running, swimming, cycling or, if you prefer group activities, playing football or basketball or, within the same gym, Zumba classes or aerobics, for example.

The body pump based on many repetitions, so we must be able to complete the exercise hour without feeling too relaxed or excessively exhausted

Tips to Practice Body Pump

To obtain good results with the practice of the body pump, it is important to choose well the weight with which you will work, counting with the advice of a specialized monitor. The body pump based on many repetitions, so we must be able to complete the exercise hour without feeling too relaxed or excessively exhausted.

If we have little physical form, we can even start classes without any weight, then work only with the bar, and add weights to the bar as we progress.

Also, although you used to work in the weight room, you have to bear in mind that the body pump exercises are adapted to this activity and are different from those performed there, so you can not expect to lift them kilos The adaptation of the weights is again crucial to avoid injuries.

Precisely so as not to suffer injuries it is also essential to make the movements with care, so before our first class, we should talk to the monitor to explain the most basic exercises and the best way to do them. During the classes, we must not lose sight of the teacher’s instructions, and we must be attentive to the signals that our own body transmits to us, to control the rhythm well, and adapt the movements and push-ups appropriately.

And do not forget, as always, the need to stay adequately hydrated, before, during, and after exercise. If necessary, you can also opt for some isotonic drink.

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